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MID2018 unites our PASIKIFKA youth while reinforcing their identity .  Join us for the BIGGEST Schools Pasifika Event in Melbourne


My Island Dream

My Island Dream (MID) is a celebration of Pasifika Culture.  Created with the youth and for the youth.  A ten week program run in VIC high schools to educate young people on Pacific Island Values and culture, finishing with a non-competitive celebration event.  MID is held every two years in Melbourne, VIC

KOKO KALApU - 16th February 2018

Vaiusu the Creators Space and FCAC invite you to experience KOKO KALApU – a kaleidoscope of culture derived from the wants of a native being’s instincts and creativity. Featuring a vibrant line up of spoken word artists, visual artists, singers and dancers from the Pacific arts community. KOKO KALApU is a space where art, music, performance and community come together and ask: 

How does the new aged savage connect in concrete worlds?

Te Mauri o te Poi

Wikitoria Tuhakaraina Simon and the Whānau of Te Mauri o Te Poi are coming back to Melbourne for a long weekend of Poi!  Register now to not miss out!

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