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producing and project management

From an attendee’s standpoint, the best events appear to have just come together effortlessly. However, in the event industry, the “effortless” appearance takes a lot of work. It takes teamwork, a budget, a little bit of luck, a fire extinguisher and a whole lot of project management.

1/2 day & full day sessions available with the option of on-going support.



cultural development in the arts

Community arts and cultural development is a community-based arts practice and can engage any art form.  There are many variations of how community arts and cultural development works are made, developed and shared, and as such, there is no one model. What is at the core of this practice, however, is the collaboration between professional artists and communities to create art.

Cultural workshops available to suit your community. 

Corporate team cultural understanding workshops available.


your art is a


introduce sustainable practises

You wanted to explore your art and feel free..but are learning that freedom doesn't pay your rent or food and your art is stuck in a survival mode mentality. 

You need to think smarter, explore the possibility of your arts practise as a business.  How can you make this more sustainable?

1/2 day and full day session available with the option of on-going mentorship 

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