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Living Koko

Living Koko works closely with local and pacific based organisations to understand the ways in which they can support local communities through ethical trade and event sponsorship.


They promote the health benefits of Koko (Cacao) and provide an alternative to confectionary based chocolate with the cacao products.


Hina Leis

Hina Lei is owned and operated by Rhesida Davies, of Melbourne, Australia. A unique fusion of modern and traditional Polynesian style leis, flower crowns and hairpieces, Rhesida uses a mix of modern and traditional methods and materials and has spent countless hours perfecting her craft, ensuring a completely unique and beautiful floral piece of art with every creation.

"Hina Lei is named from a combination of my daughter's names as well as paying homage to the Goddess of Polynesia, Hina."

Wedding packages, events and floral arrangements also available.



Kinga Kaloumaira

Kinga retired from full time work 2 years ago and decided to concentrate on her passion in visual arts.  Born in Hungary where her love of art was passed on to her by her father who was a painter and taught Kinga the beauty of colour. She learned many styles and techniques in art and got involved in exhibitions and teachings throughout her life. King became more involved with the families from the Pacific Islands, Fiji and Papua New Guinea, and have learned about their styles of art in many cultural events.


"I enjoy mixing different techniques such as weaving and jewellery making and I am keen to share, teach and learn all about arts and crafts."


Measina -

Measina is the Samoan word for treasures of Samoa.  While it is usually linked to the culture and language of Samoa, we believe that the word itself incorporates all the treasures that Samoa has to offer.  Measina Treasures of Samoa is a social enterprise.  The vision of Measina is to increase the markets for manufacturers in Samoa as well as Samoan businesses all over the world.  Our wide ranges of products are either made in Samoa, by a Samoan company or support a Samoan cause. 


"Help us to share the Treasures of Samoa with the world!"


Arawa Designs

Tāne Te Manu McRoberts, born in Rotorua, NZ has always felt the deep connection to his Maori Culture and performing art. Growing up in his culture, it was then was always upheld in our home and within his family.

"For me, by creating wearable Māori art, I keep the connection between myself and my culture tightly woven."

This rich Maori history is where Tane finds inspiration for his island designs and how he upholds the mana, honor and respect of his Ancestors.

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