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An ideas woman with a passion spirit. No challenge too big.

Superpower: Activating communities and creating massive events with ease.

Fipe is a proud afakasi Samoan/German (NZ) Artist, Entrepreneur, Storyteller through movement, Festival Director, Activist, Community Cultural Development Practitioner, Scuba Diving Instructor and Chocolate maker…because…well…why not?


Specialising in community engagement and the arts with experience over Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Fipe blends a strong creative spirit with a passion for creating platforms for communities lights to shine.

Director & Co-producer JamGrass Music Festival

Creative Producer My island Dream 2016 & 2018

Director/Owner Vaiusu, the creators space

Director/Owner Living Koko Pty Ltd

Artistic Director 



His understanding of contracts and ability to read the fine print amazes all of us.

Superpower: Contract Management and gets mistaken for Mr Clooney often.

Executive Producer



Grace Vanilau is a Melbourne based interdisciplinary artist and Community Cultural Development practitioner of Samoan descent. 

She morphs between multiple disciplines; singing, writing, spoken word poetry, weaving, mummy- ing and acting. Her natural flair for dramatics and an intense curiosity led her to perform in the highly acclaimed NZ award winning theatre production ‘Wild Dogs Under My Skirt’ 2016, where she discovered her love of acting.

She has performed in numerous music outfits including the Brown Roots Collective, ANIVA and life long female music trio ‘Suga’ on international stages including; World Harp Congress, La Femmes Funk Festival (Noumea), Festival du Cannes (France).

As a Community Cultural Development practitioner she specialises in producing culture-specific programs for Oceanic communities and developing intercultural knowledge share spaces, with the key purpose to mobilise, challenge and uplift communities through creativity. 


Suga & Aniva Collaboration

Advisory Crew 



Peti, is our resident photographer, editor, stall holders manager, all-rounder support.  A problem solver with a big heart and brain.

Irihipeti brings years of marketing and design experience from managing her own business and supporting the development of small businesses in Melbourne.

“I draw and design, I've studied art therapy, been a freelance photographer, am a lifelong song writer and sing too. All creative expressions of how I process my life experiences."


Website and Social Media Coordinator for AWA WAHINE 


"Awa Wahine was a platform that really resonated with my thoughts and feelings and while writing is a foundational tool in my kete, that I'm grateful to be sharing with the collective, I am so excited to be an integral part of the team to amplify the voices of women, especially Maori women.”

Awa Wahine

Advisory Crew 



Bio coming soon

Advisory Crew 


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